Sunday, August 1, 2010

a terrible fact about our so called indian culture

recently i got a chance to be present in my cremation.
the cremation of a 17 years old girl that was dead because of a road accident...
i thought she will only be buried as she was still not married.
but what i witnessed there was terrible....................................

the so called old and witty persons of society said that before burying her all her clothes must be worn off and here all means all..............
so thats what happened there the girl of 17 year was made naked before her cremation.
she had been hiding her body as so called "izzat" from many years but now she was made totally naked in the front of around 60-70 people.
my heart was crying for her:"that kind of insult of a lady?????????????"
the logic behind making her naked was that she had come in this world naked and she must go like that.
but that's not a logic she was about to pass her teenage and become an adult.
i tried to look in the eyes of those witty guys to see whats in there eyes lust to wtch her naked body,proud of their firmness about custom or real sorrow of loosing someone...
but allash!!!!!!!!!!!
i have not grown that much to estimate it from their eyes.
but the question was still there in my min.
why cant she be cremated with clothes she is dead and will vanish after some days inside her grave so why she was made nude does the god wants us to make a young girl naked in front of society or is it a bad custom of some lust-full old priests......
why is it so in our question there is this question why why and a deep an long"whyyyy.........................."

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